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Learn about a clinical trial aimed to validate a survey tool that assesses visual symptoms both before and after LASIK surgery and to identify changes over a short period of time.


The Patient-Reported Outcomes with LASIK (PROWL) study is a clinical trial of over 500 people who had LASIK eye surgery. The goal of the study was to validate a pre-surgery and post-surgery patient reported outcome surveys. This dataset includes clinical data and survey results and is available after signing a user agreement.

In October 2009, the FDA, the National Eye Institute (NEI), and the Department of Defense (DoD) launched the LASIK Quality of Life Collaboration Project (LQOLCP) to help better understand the potential risk of severe problems that can result from LASIK. The project aimed to develop a tool to determine the percent of patients who develop difficulties performing their usual activities following LASIK, and to identify predictors for those patients.

At the time we developed our project, there was a limited amount of valid scientific data on certain patient-reported outcomes (PROs) related to LASIK. A PRO is a report of a condition experienced and reported by the patient, not the health care provider.



PROWL data is controlled access and requires a Data User Agreement (DUA). Visit this page for access requirements.


Please reach out to if you have questions about PROWL.

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