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AMD Integrative Biology Initiative
Learn about the precise description of AMD disease pathobiology by using AMD genetic risk factors as sentinels for specific RPE signaling pathways and for changes in RPE physiology.


The AMD Integrative Biology Initiative aims to build on the AREDS2 clinical research study by correlating clinical AMD disease phenotypes with patient genotype and imaging information. Thanks to a partnership with the New York Stem Cell Foundation Research Institute (NYSCF), the Initiative is available to the vision research community and offers induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) derived from participants with specific genetic risk factors.


AMD integrative biology initiative logo

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Explore the AREDS2 and AREDS2 with IPSC lines data.


AREDS2 and iPSC lines data is controlled access and requires review of proposal by Data Access Committee (DAC). Upon approval from DAC, a Data User Agreement (DUA) is required. Visit this page for access requirements.


Please reach out to if you have questions about the AMD Integrative Biology Initiative.

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