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Access phenotype and genotype data for over 30 inherited eye conditions.


eyeGENE® is an NEI data resource created that provides phenotype and genotype data on multiple inherited eye conditions for the vision research community. eyeGENE® enrolled over 6,400 participants between 2007 and 2015 and provides the ability to connect with these participants for secondary studies. It also allows for controlled access to data and DNA samples.


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The eyeGENE® Research Resource (RRID:SCR_004523) is open for approved research studies. Researchers and clinicians are actively developing gene-based therapies to treat ophthalmic genetic diseases that were once considered untreatable.


eyeGENE data is controlled access and requires review of proposal by Data Access Committee (DAC). Upon approval from DAC, a Data User Agreement (DUA) is required. Visit this page for access requirements. 

You can find the complete eyeGENE working group on eyeGENE.


Please reach out to if you have questions about eyeGene.


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