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Explore open-source software tools developed for adaptive optics retinal imaging data.
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Learn about the precise description of AMD disease pathobiology by using AMD genetic risk factors as sentinels for specific RPE signaling pathways and for changes in RPE physiology.
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Access phenotype and genotype data for over 30 inherited eye conditions.
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Probe the relatedness and biological processes between the cornea, retina, RPE (choroid), and the rest of the human tissues by using a fully integrated dataset with differential expression, clustering, and GO term enrichment tools.
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Use data and code generated from the Neurobiology Neurodegeneration & Repair Laboratory at NEI.
ocular proteome

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Evaluate mutation severity using protein structures that are from protein databases or generated by homology modeling, refined by molecular dynamics, and mutated using global computational mutagenesis.
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Patient-Reported Outcomes with LASIK (PROWL) blue arrow logo

Learn about a clinical trial aimed to validate a survey tool that assesses visual symptoms both before and after LASIK surgery and to identify changes over a short period of time.
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Perception, Cognition, and Action blue arrow logo

Access data and code that accompany papers published by the Perception, Cognition, and Action Section of NEI.
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Look up gene expression by retina cell type across different studies, four organisms, and multiple developmental stages.
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Learn about data usage, access, submission, and privacy
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