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Comparing Macaques and Humans (Sound Processing)

The data here support the paper: Divergence in the Functional Organization of Human and Macaque Auditory Cortex Revealed by fMRI Responses to Harmonic Tones, by Norman-Haignere, Kanwisher, McDermott, and Conway, Nature Neuroscience, 2019. See the published manuscript for details”

The following files are available. Each type of data is associated with a directory, described below.

  • (30KB)
  • fMRI-volume-raw.z01 (21.47GB)
    fMRI-volume-raw.z02 (21.47GB) (20.84GB)
    The raw functional time-series, stored as a G-Zipped NIFTI (.nii.gz).
  • fMRI-surf-preproc.z01 (21.47GB)
    fMRI-surf-preproc.z02 (21.47GB)
    fMRI-surf-preproc.z03 (21.47GB)
    fMRI-surf-preproc.z04 (21.47GB)
    fMRI-surf-preproc.z05 (21.47GB) (8.82GB)
    Preprocessed functional data aligned to the cortical surface, computed by Freesurfer. The human data have been further aligned to the FsAverage template brain.
  • (369KB)
    These files indicate when each stimulus was presented. This information is stored in "para" format: onset time (seconds), condition index, duration, (placeholder of ones), condition names.
  • (5.77GB)
    Anatomicals and Freesurfer reconstructions of the cortical surface. The FsAverage brain, distributed by Freesurfer, is included. All of the human surface data are in FsAverage space, not individual subject space. The reconstruction directories for individual human subjects are included for completeness.
  • (364.4MB)
    The bootstrapped samples underlying all ROI figures in the paper. code/generate_roi_plots.m reproduces all of the ROI figures using this data.
  • (36MB)
    Statistical maps for each contrast reported in the paper. The maps live in Freesurfer surface coordinates, and are stored as g-zipped MGH files (.mgz). They can be read using MRIread.m (MATLAB script provided by FreeSurfer). The correspondence between the files in this directory and the manuscript figures is detailed below.
    Fig 2c, Fig S1a, S2a: maps/ExpIA/human/low_vs_high, maps/ExpIA/monkey/low_vs_high
    Fig 2d, Fig S1b, S2b: maps/ExpIA/human/harmtones_vs_noise_dichotic, maps/ExpIA/monkey/harmtones_vs_noise
    Fig 3a: maps/ExpIB/monkey/harmtones_vs_noise
    Fig 3e, Fig S10: maps/ExpII/human/voiced_vs_unvoiced, maps/ExpII/monkey/voiced_vs_unvoiced
    Fig S7a: maps/ExpIB/monkey/low_vs_high
    Fig S13a: maps/ExpIA/human/harmtones_vs_noise_dichotic, maps/ExpIA/human/harmtones_vs_noise_diotic
  • README.txt (2KB)